Gala Chistiakova

                Russian pianist Gala Chistiakova is a prizewinner of more than 30 International Competitions. Among them — Moscow International Chopin Competition for Young Pianists, IPC in Memory of Emil Gilels in Odessa, Scriabin IPC in Moscow, “Maria Callas GrandPrix” in Athens, Andorra IPC, Concerto IPC in China, F.Busoni IPC in Italy and others. 
                She was born in Moscow into a musical family. She started her piano studies at 3 years old with her mother Liubov Chistiakova. From 1993 to 2005 she studied at The Central Music School under the Moscow Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky with Professors H.Khoven and A.Ryabov. In 2014 Gala finished Moscow Conservatory and postgraduate course in a class of Professor M.Voskresensky. In 2011 she started her studies at the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” (class of Professor Boris Petrushansky) and migrated to Italy.
                  Since 2000 Gala traveled, playing solo and with symphonic orchestras, in concerts over Russia, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Czech, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Japan, Greece, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Norway, United Kingdom, Portugal. She played as a soloist with famous conductors, among them V. Valitov, A.Timofeyev, V.Ponkin, V.Ryzhaev, A.Titov, M.Merone, V.Ziva, O.Balan, A.B. du Closel. She has also performed on various TV and Radio programs, recorded CD with “KNS Classical” (Fazioli), “ACOUSENS records” (Shigeru Kawai) and 3 CD with “OnClassical” (Steinway & Sons). Gala has been worked many times as a member of the jury at youth and international piano competitions. She has a huge repertoire from baroque to modern of concerts with orchestra, solo and chamber music. Gala’s main piano duo partners are her sister Irina Chistiakova and her husband Diego Benocci. 

From 2012, she is based in Italy (Grosseto, Tuscany) and she has been on the Board of Directors of Cultural Association “Recondite Armonie”. In 2020 Gala has become an Ambassador of the “BeMuse” Performing Arts Foundation of Great Britain. She performed in Russia in such stages as Great Halls of Philarmony and Conservatory, Houses of Music of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. She took part in prestigious festivals like MiTo, Biennale, Mittelfest, A.B.Michelangeli Festival. From the latest performances she played on Salzburg Festival in a frame of the «Amadeus Weekend», more concerts over Italy, Russia, Great Britain and the exclusive event for Giorgio Armani. 


Classical Records

2004, Russia

2 Scriabin&Rachmaninov

KNS Classical

2015, Italy


2016, Germany


2018, Italy

5 Beethoven sonatas


2020, Italy

6 DUO Tchaikovsky Ballets


2021, Italy


“New Names” International Competition for young Musicians, prizewinner (Moscow 2000)

International Competition for Young Pianists “Youth for Art in 21st century”. I prize (Belorussia, 2000)

“The 3rd Moscow International Chopin Competition for Young Pianists”. I prize (2000).

“The 7th European Chopin Competition in Darmstadt”. V prize (2002).

“The 2nd International Piano Competition in memory of Emil Gilels”, II prize (Odessa, 2003).

“The 3rd Scriabin International Piano Competition”. III prize (Moscow, 2004).

“The 2nd Grand Koncerteum Competition”, II prize [the 1st prize was not awarded] (Athens, 2006)

“A. Scriabin International Piano Competition”, II prize [the 1st prize was not awarded] (Grosseto, Italy, 2007)

“Maria Callas Grand Prix 2008”, III prize (Athens, Greece)

“10th Concours Grieg International Competition for Pianists”, III prize (Oslo, Norway, 2009)

“International Piano Competition «Premio Franz Liszt», Ascoli Piceno / Grottammare, III prize (Italy, 2009)

“The 18th International Competition Ennio Porrino” I prize (Cagliari, Italy, 2009).

“The 3rd Maria Cherogiorgou IPC” I prize (Athens, 2010)

The 16th IPC «Premi Principat d’Andorra» I prize (2010)

Maria Canals IPC (V and special prize, Barcelona, 2011)

The 14th IPC Mauro Paolo Monopoli I prize (Barletta, Italy, 2011)

Cantu IPC, I prize (Italy, 2011)

Pietro Argento IPC, I prize & Grand-Prix (Gioia del Colle, Italy, 2011)

Massarosa IPC, I prize (Italy, 2011)

16th S.Rachmaninov IPC in Morcone, II prize (Italy, 2011)

«The 2nd International Piano Concerto Competition», I prize (Shenzhen, China, 2011)

IPC “Citta di Gorizia”, III prize (Italy, 2012)

Villa Rospigliosi IPC, I prize (Italy, 2013)

San Dona di Piave IPC, II prize (2013, Italy)

59 Feruccio Busoni IPC, V prize (2013 Italy)

1st IPC in Pieve di Cento, I prize (2013, Italy)

2nd IPC in Verona, II and special prize (2013, Italy)

2nd IPC in Empoli, I prize (2014, Italy)

2nd IPC FVG in Sacile, II prize (first prize was not awarded, 2014, Italy)

5th IPC “Città di Caraglio ” I prize and public prize (2014, Italy)

“Coop IPC” in Milan, II prize (2014, Italy)

“A. Scriabin International Piano Competition”, I prize and all special prizes (Grosseto, Italy, 2015)

F.Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw, semifinalist (Poland, 2015)

Orbetello Piano Competition, III prize (Italy, 2017)


Gala Chistiakova

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